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Two Shows and a FREE CD!

I have two shows coming up on consecutive Saturdays, the 11th and the 18th of September. It would be just brilliant if I could see you at both of them. These will be my last shows for quite some time, and probably the last purely acoustic shows I will play except for a rare occasion. I'm re-envisioning my live performance and plan to take some time out to work on that.  I'll have more to say about that at a future time.


To sweeten the deal for you, I have recorded my practice sessions for these shows and compiled the result into a "live" cd. It is yours absolutely free if you come to both of these shows! There are 14 songs on the cd, everything I'll be playing over the two sets (with the exception of "Peaceful Shores", which I will play both nights but won't be on the cd for its specialness to Electronic Saviors). There are 3 new songs on it which are not on the internets yet and won't be for a long time. So if you come to the first show I'll give you a coupon which you can redeem at the second show for the cd.


These will be two very different events. On the 11th I'll be at Z Lounge opening for Debutante, with Scattered Planets and Your Recommended Dosage also on the bill. Debutante is offering some freebies at the show!


Z Lounge, 2108 E. Carson Street, South Side

Sat. Sept. 11, 9:30 p.m., $3, 21+


The show on the 18th will be a Steampunk fest the likes of which Pittsburgh has never seen! Vendors, belly dancers, The Bridge City Bombshells, and Josh Pfeiffer of Vernian Process dj-ing. I'll be playing an hour long set for this one.


Howler's Coyote Cafe, 4509 Liberty Ave., Bloomfield

Sat. Sept 18, 7 p.m. (doors at 6), $8 ($6 if in costume), 21+

Proceeds from this compilation are to benefit cancer research. I cannot even express how reprehensible I find it that someone would take advantage of it. This compilation represents a massive labor of love for everyone involved, but especially for my friend Jim Semonik, a cancer survivor. The artists featured on Electronic Saviors have created and donated this music out of our love for Jim and for this cause. If you love these artists, please show us some respect and have the decency to purchase the compilation from a legitimate source.

You can preorder at the Metropolis website


and find information about the comp at


New Song!

is a new song! In which I put the seasonal affective disorder to good
use, and sing about everyone who ever went into the Underworld for any
reason. Oh, and I have stuff on Bandcamp!

The song is also going up in all the usual places!



And here is what I'll be getting up to there:

Sat 1:00 PM in Plaza II (Two) (1 hour)

[Panelists: Catherine Asaro (mod), Donald Wolcott, Michael
D'Ambrosio, Nikki Cohen, Patricia Wake]

A lot of rock and roll seems to deal with challenging the norm. A
major subtext of science fiction and fantasy is change and
rebellion. Do the two genres derive from similar roots

Sat 5:00 PM in Plaza VII (time and location may change)

Sun 10:00 AM in Plaza II (Two) (1 hour)

[Panelists: Catherine Asaro (mod), Donald Wolcott, Jonathan Maberry,
Tom Purdom, Patricia Wake]

There are any number of Science Fiction stories about artists,
painters, sculptors, dancers, singers or practitioners of new art
forms that the author has invented. Spider & Jeanne Robinson's
STARDANCE is about dance, for example. Cite other examples. How
does the writer convincingly present other art forms in fiction
"Wrapped in the guise of my friend" will be released in October on the Wax Trax II label for USA/Canada/Mexico...and through Two Gods recordings for the rest of the world.

Pittsburgh is represented twice on the album, both myself and Nyarlathotep! How awesome is that?

You can currently hear my track at Attrition's myspace page!


The press info:

"Attrition is experimentation of the highest order,...in a world all of their own, orbiting some strange star with an atmosphere of fear to breathe…" Musictap.net

- C O V E R E D -

Wrapped in the guise of my friend

3 decades of the music of ATTRITION

4 years in the making , the album features interpretations of 17 of the most well known ATTRITION tracks, spanning 3 decades by bands from all over the world…
With long established names in the industrial, gothic, metal and avante garde scenes standing side by side with the new wave.…including

Murder Happens and En Esch (from KMFDM)/Stromkern/Imprint/M
achine in the Garden/Stoa/
High Blue Star/Chiasm/My Silent Wake/Remora/Protea/Unwoman and more....

Selected and mastered by mainman Martin Bowes.
“Over the years I have been moved by the many cover versions of our music that started appearing.

Always amazed that people were touched enough by our songs to want to interpret them in their own way.

I thought it was timely that i put together an album to represent these works...I hope they mean as much to those listening now as they have done to us....” Martin Bowes. May 2009.

Order direct from the website and receive the “Wrapped...” download EP completely FREE
with 8 more covers from

The Sharks. Beati Mortui. Audra. Phantom Vision. Iammynewt. Mortal Clay. Veronique Diabolique
and Vice Deviant

" Creating and exploring rich shadowy electronic soundscapes...interweaving the ephemeral with the operatic, the sound can at once calm your soul and chill your bones..." The Hatchet/USA

CD Track listing:

1. Nyarlathotep - Favourite things
2. Murder happens with En Esch - Which hand?
3. Imprint - Reflections
4. Chiasm - A girl called harmony
5. Stromkern - The cage
6. My Silent Wake - Two Gods
7. High Blue Star - I am eternity
8. Machine in the garden - Dreamsleep
9. Fluxussyndrom - A great design

10. Elephant Leaf - The second hand
11. Remora - Fusillade
12. Terrotimo - Kharb

13. Unwoman - Adam & eva
14. Accolade - The silent mind
15. Patricia Wake - Fate is smiling
16. Protea - Into the waves
17. Stoa - A girl called harmony

EP Track listing:

1. The Sharks - Monkey in a bin

2. Phantom Vision - A girl called harmony

3. Iammynewt - Acid tongue

4. Vice Deviant - A'dam & Eva

5. Beati Mortui - To the devil!
6. Audra – Dreamsleep
7. Veronique Diabolique - Death truck
8. Mortal Clay - Fate is smiling

Gig Saturday!

This Saturday night I will share a bill with Debutante at the Rock Room - 1054 Herron Ave. 15219 10 p.m. $5 Megan will not be joining me for this one, which is very sad, but we'll see what shenanigans I can get up to when left to my own devices. There will be at least one crazy cover you've never heard me play. The place is called the ROCK Room, after all... there probably should be some rock.

The Science of Fiction

The intended title of the ep I'm working on, namely "The Science of Fiction", suddenly demanded to be a song, so ep just got a title track. The one thing I'm not sure of is if the song needs anything beyond guitar and vocal. I can hear a violin part, but I'm kind of liking it as is. If you check it out, let me know what you think about that. It's on MySpace and Soundclick, pick your poison (links to both in the sidebar). It sounds better on SC, IMHO.


The Big Beatles Show is always a lot of fun. It's hosted by Pittsburgh Guitars twice a year or so, and Carl always brings out some of his memorabilia collection as well as vintage  instruments and equipment of the same models used by the Beatles. Mark will be playing with the Hank Band again.

Rex Theatre, 8:00, 21+

The show is free, but they are asking for donations of canned food for the food bank.

(I am not performing in this show, my husband is and I'm just spreadin' the word.)

This very funny and very true article was posted to  doctorwho   today by sabiryn 

6 Sci-Fi Movie Conventions That Need to Die

Ah, the mono-culture planet. My favorite.


This Saturday at the BBT

Debutante, Chin and Patricia Wake this Saturday night at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern!

4412 Liberty Avenue


9 pm, $5, 21+

I'd like to preemptively thank Debutante for inviting us to play. Life is keeping me temporarily busy in other areas, and while it's all good stuff, it's spring and I've got some serious cabin fever. Megan and I are both very much looking forward to getting out of the house, hitting the stage, seeing the fantastic Debutante again, hearing Chin for the first time, eating the best perogies in Pittsburgh and seeing lots of friendly faces.

We most likely won't have another show until sometime in June, so I do hope you can all join us!


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